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People vs Machines what are we taking more care of?

People vs Machines what are we taking more care of? According to Wikipedia ‘Condition monitoring' (or, colloquially, CM) is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery (vibration, temperature etc.), in order to identify a significant change which...

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P3 Business care enters three-month pilot with Scarf

P3 Business Care is delighted to be entering into an exciting three-month pilot with award-winning social enterprise Scarf. P3 Business Partners Jeannette du Preez and Jim Grimmer (pictured with Thane Lawrie, CEO of Scarf) will be providing our unique personal and...

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Three pillars for a flourishing workplace

Interesting report by Dr John McGurk, Head of CIPD Scotland. “Three issues which point to how we can build well workplaces. The strain of work is down to job design, tasking, scheduling, and training and development. The lack of social support can be attributed to...

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Financial worries causing decline in performance

You can’t leave your worries at the front door…never a truer saying surely proven by a report recently released by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). Charles Cotton, reward and performance adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and...

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Is technology overtaking our personal contact?

So many technologies allow us to collaborate “virtually” today. Email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and desktop sharing are common parts of the workday for many people. But regardless of what technologies we use, all of our interactions still rely on a basic...

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Dealing with stress at work

We all feel a bit stressed from time-to-time. Whether you’re fed up with being sardined into place on the train during your morning commute or get annoyed with your computer, working can be stressful.   However, when stress really festers and starts to get too much,...

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Our Goal

Our main goal is to help you make your workplace a better place!

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