We help you manage the problems your employees have so they don't impact your business and you can get a better night's sleep !

Our Personal twice weekly visits develop trust & relationships with your employees so we can Proactively identify and address the challenges before they become absence or staff turnover. We work in Partnership with you to allow you to tangibly demonstrate that you care for your staff and at the same time reducing your stress and costs!

…because people matter

 “Life is too short! We know how you feel trying to manage so many challenges. We want to help you because at the end of the day, people matter and that includes you!”

Jim Grimmer Founder of P3 Business Care

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  Our Business Partners are trained, experienced and dedicated. Available 24/7/365 in crisis situations we provide weekly personal & pro-active care to all staff and their immediate family members. We help you save time,  reduce absence, staff turnover, business costs and tangibly demonstrate you care for your staff.

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