P3 Business Care is a community interest company and social enterprise founded to provide better care for your employees and immediate family members. We exist to develop trust and relationships via our twice-weekly worksite visits. We know that stress, mental health issues and absence cause you pain and we have found that our personal and proactive approach identifies a myriad of issues prior to reaching that crisis point. Through your partnership with P3 together we can reduce time, costs and stress.


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MyP3 app was developed during the Covid-19 crisis to provide our client employees with an additional means of communication with their P3 Business Partners.

 “Life is too short! We know how you feel trying to manage so many challenges. We want to help you because at the end of the day, people matter and that includes you!”

Jim Grimmer Founder of P3 Business Care

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  Our Business Partners are trained, experienced and dedicated. Available 24/7/365 in crisis situations we provide weekly personal & pro-active care to all staff and their immediate family members. We help you save time,  reduce absence, staff turnover, business costs and tangibly demonstrate you care for your staff.

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Video Testimonials

Borr Drilling

Darren Sutherland, Vice President for Borr Drilling, Europe and Africa, shares his opinion about the personal,  proactive and tangible partnership support provided by P3 Business Care 


Evolution Power Tools

Matthew Gavins, presidente de Evolution Power Tools, una organización global con sede en Sheffield en Inglaterra, habla sobre el impacto del apoyo de P3 Business Care para sus empleados y empresa.



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