Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace: A Vital Investment


In a world where productivity often takes precedence over wellbeing, the recent findings from TELUS Health serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of mental health support in the workplace. According to their research, a staggering 20% of employees rated their employer’s mental health benefits as ‘poor’, while an alarming 25% were unaware that these resources were even available. These statistics shed light on a pressing issue that employers must address to ensure the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

The TELUS Mental Health Index, which surveyed 3,000 employees across several countries, revealed that over 20% of workers reported a lack of support in their workplace, resulting in significantly lower mental health scores. The implications of these findings are profound, as they highlight the urgent need for employers to prioritize mental health initiatives within their organizations.

Paula Allen, global leader of research and client insights at TELUS Health, aptly points out the multifaceted challenges contributing to the decline in mental health. Factors such as rapid societal changes, diminishing social support, and economic uncertainties all play a role in exacerbating stress levels among employees, particularly those at the early stages of their careers.

To combat this issue, Allen emphasizes the importance of building a culture of trust within organizations. By fostering an environment that encourages open communication and support, employers can help mitigate feelings of isolation and promote positive mental health outcomes among their staff.  This is where P3 Business Care comes into its own!

Our P3 Business Partners visit our clients usually a couple of times a week, walking the floor and engaging with employees in personal, one-to-one conversations. We develop that critical relationship that provides trust for employees to open up about a whole myriad of challenges.   Work and life issues can’t be separated. One impacts the other. We can then proactively identify and address the relevant issues providing support before reaching crisis point, absence or staff turnover

Phil Mullen, vice president of TELUS Health EMEA, underscores the significance of acknowledging the physical and mental impacts of isolation on employee wellbeing. He emphasizes the need for meaningful social connections in the workplace, alongside the implementation of employee assistance programs and other initiatives to address mental strain effectively.  Again P3 provide that personal touch necessary to alleviate feelings of isolation.

The impact of mental health support extends beyond individual wellbeing—it also has tangible benefits for employers. As businesses seek to attract and retain top talent, investing in health and wellbeing programs becomes paramount. Research by Towergate Health & Protection indicates that a significant percentage of employers plan to increase their investment in employee support over the next year, recognizing its importance in maintaining a healthy and engaged workforce.

However, it’s not just about the financial investment; effective communication and access to support are equally vital. Employers must ensure that their staff are aware of the resources available to them and facilitate easy access to these benefits, whether through online platforms or other means.

In a competitive marketplace, there is a need for employers to expand their definition of benefits to encompass comprehensive wellbeing support. In today’s competitive job market, offering robust mental health initiatives can set companies apart and contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

In conclusion, the findings from TELUS Health’s research underscore the urgent need for employers to prioritize mental health support in the workplace. By investing in wellbeing programmes, fostering a culture of trust, and promoting open communication all achievable with the support of P3 Business Care, businesses can not only enhance employee satisfaction and retention but also contribute to overall productivity and success. As we navigate the complexities of the modern work environment, prioritising mental health must remain a top priority for employers worldwide.

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P3 Business Care is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise operating across the UK. Supporting your business on a weekly basis we provide personal and proactive care to your employees and immediate family working in partnership with the company. Our Business Partners visit your business weekly developing trust & relationships so we can identify and address issues before they become crisis, absence, or staff turnover.  Read more about our services here


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