Counselling might be beneficial for you if:

  • Something has been troubling you over a period of time and you’re having difficulty finding a solution on your own.
  • Things are getting on top of you, and affecting your well-being, for example, causing anxiety, stress or depression
  • You find it hard to talk to friends or family because they are directly involved in the issues.
  • Issues from the past are having an impact on your day to day life.
  • Things that are troubling you are having a negative impact on your relationships or work.

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Carolina Rule

Carolina Rule

P3 Business Care Business Partner and Register MBACP Counsellor

Our P3 Business Care Accredited Counsellor

Hello, I am Carolina,

I am a P3 Business Partner and a person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist. I have experience as a pastoral counsellor and a professional mental health practitioner.  I offer an empathic, non-judgemental approach and provide emotional support to encourage individuals to explore feelings and thoughts and take their first steps into a personal therapeutic process of change, healing, and growth.

I possess the intervention skills to provide mental health and suicide first aid for vulnerable individuals.

I am a member of the BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. And I offer bilingual- Spanish /English therapy for adults.

Counselling is not about giving you advice or solutions for your difficulties but encouraging you to discover a deeper appreciation of yourself.

I support people with a wide range of difficulties: Depression, self-confidence, anger management, difficulty at work or in retirement, anxiety or panic attacks, relationship issues, addiction, bereavement, trauma and abuse, among others.

We will aim to meet weekly- sessions of 50 minutes, where you are welcome to explore anything that concerns you. Together we can explore what you are going through in a way that leads to reconnecting with your true self, bringing a fresher and a genuine perspective to your circumstances.

Please contact me at 
Office (01224) 472516
Mobile 07767 899745






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