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MYP3 app was developed during the Covid-19 crisis to provide our client employees with an additional means of communication with their Business Partners.

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Start in 3 easy steps:

1. The company is provided with a 3 digit code.

2. The employee then downloads the app.

3. The employee provides their details (name, mobile number, email, department, and location).


What your employees get:

On creating their account they see the profiles images of their Business Partners.  Employees can make contact via text message, call, What’s App message or video, and email by clicking on the appropriate icon. 


Additional Resources:

There is also a link to ‘Resources’ that provides an A-Z of useful support/information.

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Your employees are worth it!

Many companies say that their employees are their most important asset but can they prove it?  P3 Business Care gives you the means to clearly demonstrate that you put your people at the top of your priorities.


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