Breaking the Silence in Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Breaking the Silence in Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month

November marks a significant occasion in the calendar as it is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. At P3 Business Care, we recognise the pressing need to address the unique challenges that men face when it comes to mental health. Research has brought to light some startling statistics, revealing that men are significantly less likely to seek mental health services than women. Only 36% of NHS referrals for talking therapy are men, and a staggering 40% have never spoken to anyone about their mental health See Priory Group. As we delve into Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, P3 Business Care is committed to breaking the silence, fostering open conversations, and creating a supportive environment for all.

Understanding the Statistics:

The statistics surrounding men’s mental health highlight a concerning trend – a reluctance to seek help. We believe it’s crucial to delve deeper into these numbers and understand the reasons behind them. Societal expectations, stereotypes, and the stigma associated with vulnerability can often deter men from discussing their mental health struggles openly. Every month via our P3 model of personal, proactive, partnership support, we aim to challenge these barriers and create a workplace culture that encourages men to prioritize their mental well-being without fear of judgment.

Encouraging Conversations:

Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month serves as a poignant reminder that the conversation around mental health needs to be inclusive. P3 Business Care is actively encouraging open dialogues about mental health throughout the workplace. By providing space and time for employees to share their experiences and insights with their P3 Business Partners we hope to dismantle the stigma and foster an atmosphere of understanding and support. From casual coffee breaks to dedicated awareness sessions, we are committed to creating opportunities for men to speak openly about their mental health.

Addressing Stigma and Stereotypes:

Societal expectations often place undue pressure on men to conform to traditional notions of strength and stoicism. P3 Business Care recognizes the harm that these stereotypes can cause and is dedicated to challenging and dispelling them. By actively promoting narratives that redefine strength to include vulnerability and seeking help, we seek to create an environment where all employees feel empowered to prioritize their mental health.

Employee Assistance Programs:

As part of our commitment to Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, P3 Business Care is reinforcing the availability of  Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). These programmes, although at times impersonal, can provide confidential online counselling services, mental health resources, and access to quick support. Recognising the importance of accessibility, we actively ensure that every client employee we support is aware of the resources available to them provided by their employer.

Promoting Self-Care and Well-being:

In addition to encouraging open conversations, P3 Business Care is emphasizing the importance of self-care and well-being practices. From identifying the need for specific workshops to lunch and learn sessions, we are providing resources that empower our male employees to prioritize their mental health. By offering a range of options tailored to individual needs, we hope to create a workplace culture that values and supports the well-being of every team member.


Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month is a crucial time for reflection, understanding, and action. P3 Business Care stands firm in its commitment to breaking the silence surrounding men’s mental health. By fostering open conversations, challenging stereotypes, and providing resources, we aim to create a workplace culture where every team member feels empowered to prioritize their mental well-being. Our third ‘P’ is Partnership. Together, we can build a supportive environment that transcends societal expectations and encourages everyone to seek the help they deserve.

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