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“Throughout the time in which P3 Business care have been working with Bergstrom Europe we have consistently found that the level of service we have received has been professional, discreet and respectful, and importantly non-intrusive to company process. Our Business partners Pam and John have taken time and care to understand our culture and engage with our employees to sensitively meet their needs and provide a supportive ‘shoulder’ when needed.  They have certainly become a highly regarded asset to the Bergstrom team and family.”

Hannah Thomas

HR Manager, Bergstrom Europe Ltd

“P3 Business Care has been providing an employee wellbeing service at Scarf since January 2019. Over this period, they have subtly and proactively embedded themselves within our business by engaging with our employees on a regular twice-weekly basis. Over time this has created a culture of trust and enabled P3 to become part of the Scarf team rather than simply a service provider.

Everyone experiences challenging situations from time to time, and Scarf recognises that sometimes employees may find it difficult to open up to their Line Manager and that is where P3 has come into their own. Their provision of round the clock support in a respectful and confidential manner has been fully welcomed by both Scarf employees and managers.”

Mandy Duggan

HR Manager, Scarf

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