Starting a conversation with someone about their mental health

April is Stress Awareness Month so we thought we would share some practical tips on starting a conversation with someone about their mental health.

If you think someone that you care about is struggling it can be hard to start a conversation with them about what is going on in their life.

If a face-to-face talk is too intimidating, you can start with a text message or an email. Use the prompts below to help you think through what speci­fically has happened, or what you’ve noticed about your friend or loved one that has caused you to be concerned about them.

Start the conversation when there is an open window of time to have an in-depth discussion, and you won’t have to cut the conversation short to take care of other obligations.

Plan to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour.

conversation opener 1.

conversation opener 2.

conversation opener 3.

conversation opener 4.

conversation opener 5.


It’s all about starting a conversation with someone about their mental health. We hope you find this helpful!

Know when more serious help is needed.

Sometimes the support that you can offer won’t be enough. If you notice that your friend or loved-one continues to struggle after weeks or months, they may be showing signs of a mental health condition and likely need professional help. Don’t be afraid to encourage them to seek help from a mental health professional and offer to help them find a provider if needed.

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