MYP3 mobile app is allowing employees to get help

MYP3 mobile app is allowing employees to get help

The why…

COVID 19 has seen P3 Business Care develop a new means of reaching out to their clients. MYP3 mobile app is allowing employees to get help. Historically our contact has been through our twice-weekly physical workplace visits. We have now added the ability to communicate remotely which has been well received by our clients.   In addition, it will also be helpful to aid support to staff should there be localised spikes of COVID 19 or, in the worst-case scenario, another nationwide lockdown.

The registration process…

MYP3 app is available on both IOS and Android platforms free of charge to client employees.

The download and registration process is very simple literally taking seconds.

P3 clients are provided with a unique 3 digit company code.   When the employee inputs the code they are taken to a registration page. Once these contact details are completed, including the job role and branch location specific to the individual, they are taken to a screen allowing them to connect with their respective company Business Partners. They can utilise text messages, mobile calls, What’s app video or message or email simply by clicking on the respective icons.

MYP3 app contents


As part of the P3 Business Care service, we create a unique online page for every P3 client. This is located within the secure P3 Business Care website portal. Employees have access to an A-Z of useful resources that includes national organizations and support available in the client location.   We have had the experience of an employee connecting to support found via the A-Z of resources and getting help before opening up to speak about their situation. This A-Z of resources is also available via the MYP3 app

There is no pressure on any employee to engage with their Business Partners.  We realize that the most important factor is to get staff the help they need and if this can be achieved via the A-Z of resources then great!  However, a significant number of employees do confide in their Business Partners.  This allows us to proactively identify and address issues prior to becoming a crisis or the employee going off ill.

Feedback from P3 Business Care clients on the MYP3 app has been very positive. One manager commented, ‘Just downloaded MYP3 app. It looks great and very easy to use, thank you!’


Survey of online communication during COVID-19

An Office Online Nation Report 2020 advised that most internet users use online messaging and calling services and use increased during the coronavirus pandemic

  • In February 2020, 73% of UK adult internet users used online text messages, 54% use online voice calls, 35% use video calls and 55% use emails, at least weekly. Nine in ten adult internet users used any of those four services at least weekly.
  • The level of use of WhatsApp for text messaging was very similar to the use and reach of SMS among adult internet users. Although more adult internet users report having used SMS (94%) than WhatsApp (71%) for text messaging in the last 12 months, on a daily basis they are using WhatsApp (40%) and SMS (41%) to a similar extent.
  • Until early this year, online video calling was used much less than other online communication services, with 35% of online adults using online video calling at least weekly in the 12 months to February 2020. In May 2020, this had doubled to 71% of online adult consumers using online video calling services at least weekly, with 38% using them at least daily. Our research suggests that 7% of adult internet users used video calling for the first time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


About P3 Business Care

P3 Business Care is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise operating across the UK. Supporting your business on a weekly basis we provide personal and proactive care to your employees working in partnership with the company. We develop trust & relationships so we can identify and address issues before they become crisis, absence, or staff turnover.  Read more about our services here







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