Why are people not buying from you?

Why are people not buying from you?

A great question for many entrepreneurs looking to sell more of your product or services. I’m a fan of Donald Miller, author of Story Brand (you can review & purchase here http://bit.ly/fdonaldmillerstorybrand ) He is also founder of Business Made Simple  You may find both helpful.  In a short 3-minute video Miller gave the answer…you need to provide CLARITY. You need to spell out what’s in it for your customers!

What does clarity look like?

I thought I’d share from my experience of launching P3 Business Care.   As I said, spell it out. It’s often referred to as your ‘elevator pitch’. Being able to share what you do in a short and succinct way is a ‘must have’ and not an option.   The following 3 step process will help you craft that message for your business.

1. Define the problem your customer is facing

Make sure you are being as specific as possible and make sure you are speaking to something that is causing them pain (from a P3 perspective we know the challenges you have in managing staff, stress, anxiety, poor mental health, absence, staff turnover, potential tribunals, reputational damage etc.- the pain!)

2. How do solve the problem?

Outline your plan as to how you can solve it. Keep it brief, make sure it’s understandable and differentiate yourself from any competition (For example, P3 provide personal, face to face, twice weekly visits, so we develop trust and relationships with employees proactively identifying and addressing issues before they reach crisis point.)

3. Describe how they will feel after using your solution

Paint a picture of what a successful ending will look like when their problem is solved. Again, keep it brief. (For example, P3 allow you to tangibly demonstrate you genuinely care for your staff. Our independent support, that we find employees are looking for, allows you to focus on your own tasks whilst reducing absence and staff turnover and increasing productivity, staff retention, reputation and your bottom line.)

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’?

Hopefully this post will have challenged you to ask the question why are people not buying from me? and provide a chance to bring clarity to your own business. We’d love you to share your elevator pitch!

About P3 Business Care

P3 Business Care is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise operating across the UK. Visiting your business on a weekly basis we provide personal and proactive support to your employees working in partnership with the company. We develop trust & relationships so we can identify and address issues before they become absence or staff turnover.  Read more about our services here