What really matters most?

What really matters most?

This is a time of real uncertainty and I guess a time when folks are transitioning. We have moved from the busyness of ‘normal’ life to a place where we are no longer masters of our own destiny or at least it might feel that way.   Government ‘lock down’, fear, uncertainty. Who would have believed, as we celebrated a new year in January, that just 3 months later we would be where we are!

What does the future hold?

We can’t really answer the question ‘what does the future hold?’ because we don’t really know and that is unsettling in itself. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because our future is largely still in our hands.  The stay at home and social distancing instructions will help us physically however,  it’s how we manage the uncertainty mentally, that will determine the outcome. It’s well known that stress is elevated when we feel we are in a situation that we can’t control, but at times like these I would suggest we do the following;

  1. Give yourself time and space to acknowledge how you are feeling and don’t try to shut it down. My first career was as a Police Detective, and in many interviews, I encouraged ‘the accused’ to get things off their chest.  Often, they had committed serious crimes however, there was always a ‘release’ of tension and emotion when they did so. Vocalise how you are feeling, tell yourself the truth and accept your feelings.
  2. Do not get fixated about the why.   As a business owner with staff, I fully appreciate the concern people are going through with reduced income, working remotely and losing jobs, however, it does no one any good to look at the why. When we are constantly looking back, looking for reasons, it stops us moving forward.
  3. Don’t go down the path of ‘what if…’  Uncertainty can breed temptation to start thinking all manner of things.  Social media doesn’t help, with millions of posts sowing seeds of ‘what if…’ Manage your time on social media. Be disciplined.   Listen to genuine, trusted resources such as daily Government briefings. Asking “what if?” will only take you to a place you don’t want, or need, to go to.

Focus on what really matters most!

I feel this is a real time of change in society.  The COVID 19 virus will,  I believe, be a catalyst. The noun catalyst is ‘something or someone that causes a change’ and is derived from the Greek word ‘katalύein’, meaning ‘to dissolve’.

The focus for many has been on working long hours, materialism, selfishness, a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality.   As Roy Bennett said ‘Life is short. Focus on what really matters most; you should change your priorities over time’

I pray that COVID 19 will teach us to change our priorities. There will be a realisation that good health and good relationships beats everything else, that there is something, or someone, bigger than ourselves. Let’s all come out of this with a new focus on what really matters most and the world might just be a better place. Stay safe and stay well.

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