P3 Business Care making the headlines with ‘subversive’ approach

P3 Business Care experience early growth in partnership with Business Gateway

We are absolutely delighted to recognise the fantastic support provided to us by Business Gateway Aberdeen and in particular our advisor Kirstie McLaughlin.   Participating on the Business Boost programme we have been  afforded access to specialist support in a range of areas.

The following articles highlight our relationship and the excellent results we have achieved through our partnership. A massive thank you to Kirstie and the team!

The Scotsman newspaper published an article calling us ‘subversive’   Considering the dictionary definition is ‘seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution’ we’ll go with that! We want to move from the traditional reactive employee assistance programme to our personal and proactive approach! https://www.scotsman.com/business/subversive-scottish-employee-support-firm-scores-a-hat-trick-1-5034105

We have also received coverage from Business Quarter, which you can view online here: https://www.bqlive.co.uk/finance-funding/2019/10/28/news/business-gateway-supports-big-client-wins-for-employee-support-firm-36578/

About P3 Business Care

P3 Business Care is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise operating across the UK. Visiting your business on a weekly basis we provide personal and proactive support to your employees working in partnership with the company. We develop trust & relationships so we can identify and address issues before they become absence or staff turnover.  Read more about our services here